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At Shan Wellness we strive for optimum fertility health to help you create a happy and healthy expansion of your family. Whether you are just starting your journey of bringing your first child into the world, are bringing more children into the world, or are struggling with the success of having a child, we can help.

In Chinese Medicine we believe that pregnancy care begins long before conception.  By focusing treatments on optimizing fertility for at least three months (patient dependent) before conception we can: optimize the pregnancy, optimize the over all health and well being of the baby, optimize labor and delivery, and ease you through the post natal phase once your bundle of joy arrives.

At Shan Wellness we also focus on couples struggling with fertility.  We understand this journey can take a toll on emotions, careers, and relationships.  Treatments focus on acupuncture, herbal medicine, and diet and lifestyle guidance to help you achieve your goals of having a baby.  We welcome and cater treatments for both male and female factor fertility issues.

​Acupuncture and herbal medicine are helpful in treatment of the following conditions affecting fertility health:

At Shan Wellness we also offer treatments to coincide with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) cycles for IVF or IUI preparation.  Studies show that 9 treatments done from ovulation of the previous cycle to retrieval or insemination of the ART cycle can drastically increase your chances of successful implantation and positive pregnancy test!  The results are statistically significant!  Due to Hinton's location we have a referral basis to acupuncturists in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver to receive pre and post transfer treatments the day of the ART procedure.