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Jolene Albrecht

Jolene Albrecht

Jolene Albrecht (R.Ac DTCM) is a Registered Acupuncturist in good standing with the Province of Alberta. She completed the five year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) program from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia. During that time she also volunteered for a Wellness Center in Vancouver. She grew up in Peers, Alberta, and small rural communities are where her heart lies. In 2006, she found her way back to Alberta and was the first to bring Chinese Medicine to Western Alberta; providing a new option in alternative health care. She is the owner and manager of Shan Wellness; a general Chinese Medicine practice that focuses on Women's Health, Fertility and Pediatrics. She remains the first and only practitioner with certification in Advanced Pre and Post Natal care in Western Alberta.

Albrecht says "I started seeing a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in Edmonton when I was 16 years old. That experience changed my health, my life, and is the reason I pursued my career in Chinese Medicine. My passion is gynecology, fertility and obstetrics, which has lead me to pursue advanced continuing education in all of those areas since 2005. I also love treating children and infants - this aspect of my practice came from my fertility patients. When they experienced how Chinese Medicine helped them, they asked me to treat their babies."

"Shan means "mountain" in Mandarin, and the Shan Wellness logo "Gao Shan" means "high mountain or alpine". Aside from helping people through Chinese Medicine, my other passions lie in the mountains, mountain sports, and the lifestyle that comes from the great outdoors. When I was able to leave the big city and embrace a more rural lifestyle in the Rocky Mountains, Shan Wellness only seemed fitting as the name for my new wellness center. When I am not practicing medicine in Hinton, I can be found volunteering for the local climbing community, or outside pursuing my mountain passions. Depending on the season I am out skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking or bow hunting. The mountains are where I rejuvenate, recharge, and feel my best."