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"Jolene's passion and dedication for her work had been shared with me several times throughout the community. I had never tried acupuncture before but wanted to do acupuncture with Jolene to ensure my mind and body was on track along with baby in utero. I have learned so much from Jolene. I can honestly say my first pregnancy journey has been an amazing one and I believe that is largely because of Jolene's work. Me and my husband attended the labour coach session and it was so great. My husband left feeling confident about the labour process as he learned so much in a very simple, hands on way. Without a doubt I will be continuing to go to Jolene postnatal as well as with second baby.
I really can't say enough about Jolene and the depth of her knowledge. A co-worker described her as this hidden gem in our community and I think that is so true. A hidden gem, that more people should tap into. "

--Caryn Bouchard

"I have received treatment from Jolene for many things including, Insomnia, pregnancy planning (I got pregnant in just 7 months after being on hormonal birth control for over 10 years!), 2 pregnancies, post partum depression, and my husband receives treatment for back pain. Her knowledge of the field and compassion for her patients is like no other. "

"I have been seeing Jolene since my husband and I decided we were ready to try having a baby. As a close friend of Jolene's for years it was a no brainer who we were going to see to help us with prepping for fertility. Jolene has been amazing! She has been there for us every step of the way with changes to our herbal prescriptions as the situation changes, advice, and emotional support. I had never experienced Chinese Medicine before this time but I am a true believer in it now. My husband says that our happy, calm, healthy baby is because of what I did up to and throughout the pregnancy. What I did was follow Jolene's direction. I was sceptical at first because of all the conflicting information out on the internet about Chinese Medicine. I am no longer conflicted as I believe whole-heartedly in what Jolene is practing and I have seen first hand the amazing results! Thank you Jolene for giving us our buddha baby!"
--Genna Hesse

"Our whole family goes to Shan Wellness to keep us in top form. Jolene treated me through two pregnancies (the second pregnancy was with twins) - all babies were healthy, full-term and my labours were all-natural, short and efficient. I've taken my 20 month-old daughter several times for pediatric treatments to help with some gastro-intestinal issues (which were greatly helped) and to effectively reduce side-effects from vaccinations. Jolene is extremely knowledgable and personable and we whole-heartedly recommend Shan Wellness to anyone seeking complimentary or alternative treatment to mainstream medicine."
--Miranda Wulf

"I first started taking my daughter for acupuncture when she was 6 months old. I was very nervous about it, but my little girl was having some major digestive issues what with teething and the introduction of solid foods. She could hardly sleep due to gas pains. Jolene was very patient with both me and my baby, as she explained how pediatric acupuncture works without needles. Most importantly, after a few appointments my daughter's digestion (and therefore sleeping!) had improved dramatically. I highly recommend Shan Wellness to any parents who feel their child's health is not optimal."